No dog can resist a treat, but what if that treat is a healthy one? Do dogs want to lap up chicken chews, peanut butter, and bacon treats but leave anything so-called healthy alone? The answer is no. Here are safe options for low calorie dog treats that any dog will find enjoyable.

Be aware that all treats should be given to a dog in moderation. There is a rule of thumb that treats should only comprise about five percent of the dog’s diet. Everything else should be nutritionally balanced.

As for the low-calorie options, you can make treats at home or get them from the dreambone makers. Always check reviews or get advice from your veterinarian regarding any new products that are introduced to the market. You want to be sure they are safe and do not contain any by-products that could be harmful to your pet.

For at-home treats, depending on your dog’s flavor preferences, you can give them freeze dried liver treats, low-salt pretzels, or even canned green beans. If the dog likes them, make sure to buy low-salt green beans as too much sodium is as bad for dogs as it is for people.

In-store products that are ideal low-calorie treats include a special treat made by Milk-Bone. It is only five calories and dogs cannot tell the difference between a regular product from this company and a low-calorie version. Another company that makes a good selection of treats is Three Dog Bakery.

You can always give your dog carrot sticks, cucumber slices, apple pieces without the seeds and cooked lean meats like bits of chicken or turkey. Most dogs enjoy cooked sweet potato bites or bites of bananas. They can also enjoy broccoli, pumpkin meat, blueberries, cranberries, or cantaloupe.