Veteran actress and cult movie legend Linnea Quigley attempts aid to helm first playoff campaign

The term “scream queen” has thrown around plenty with regard to women in working as celebrities in genre movies and it’s a somewhat tired handle. Really. Especially when talking performers who’ve devoted their whole lives with their fans and their craft. Like legendary cult movie celebrity Linnea Quigley, for example. There’s so much longer to Quigley than shrieking and stripping, though in her 40 years in front of the camera, she has done both better than many of her peers.

But now Quigley, the lady whose happy-go-lucky, brain-eating punk ghoul out of 1985’s is the stuff of legend, has chosen to take the belated step behind the camera and direct her very first movie. It makes sense. The lady has starred in over one hundred movies and understands the business its own own highs and highs, better than anyone. The film she’s likely is really a documentary, a film called Extras! And she needs help from fans to make the dream come true.

In the official Extras! Press launch:

After moving to Los Angeles in her early 20s, Quigley made cash on movies as an “extra”– a man who appears, usually with no dialogue or dramatic significance to the last picture. (For example, an undistinguished man walking round the foundation of a street scene.) As her popularity increased the celebrity secured income in horror conventions with appearances. It was these occasions she started to meet fans who’d go to great lengths to appear as an extra in almost any number of features, often with pay. Over the previous 3 years consistently meet new types and Quigley has continued to observe a number of these faces. Without the goal of stardom, she has come to wonder, “What makes these people tick?” Extras! Will stick to these folks, and interview celebrities who started their careers as extras, but wanted to carry their very first measures to the next grade.

To increase the $16,000 funding Quigley needs to produce the documentary, alongside executive producer Jason Paul Collum (Screaming at High Heels) and his B+Boy Productions, LLC., she has established a Kickstarter campaign. Donations begin at $5 using a “thank you” and go up to $2,000 that would land you a “executive producer” credit. The gifts may get backers a number of gifts like DVDs, publications, rare autographed photographs manufacturer credits, plus also a tarot reading by phone using Quigley. (*Note: Donations are only charged to credit/debit cards and gifts are sent only if the crowd-funding campaign is effective by October 15, 2016.)

To donate or get more information! Proceed to Quigley and Collum’s Kickstarter page. Lady Q is wished the best of luck for this undertaking by us.

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