The celebrity of ‘Jism’ and ‘Chhesko’ got an instant popularity but, she couldn’t sustain the popularity for long. The popularity in social media was sudden and short lived. When she’s unknown to will, she’s attempting to make a buzz in press. It appears, her attempts are not working this time.

Archana announced she got married to a foreign man. She shared photos of these. However, when the “information” didn’t make any tune and nobody actually believed in her, she’s tried to un-do the marriage. I didn’t write at that time of this being a propaganda due to the feeling about the marriage. It now turned out to be authentic.

Watch the next video report on what had happened.

After the report, her mother and Archana shared a movie telling which the information was ‘true’. The mommy Sunita Paneru told that she’s given boon to this ‘newly-wed’ couple. (I couldn’t find the video online, but I will discover the movie and discuss afterwards.)

Now, it is clear this had been made by the duo for promotion — a failed attempt nonetheless. On April 5, 2018 Archana confessed she’d laughed at that time at a Facebook live session. She told, “I’d lied about marriage. I am still unmarried.”

She shared Archana told the photograph was done for Valentine Day. She told, “I wished to see how my supporters respond.”

The man Wolf Price, never shared any pictures of Archana. He wrote about the episode and told it wasn’t a marriage. It was a April Fool prank. He’s asked everyone to not take the incident seriously.

Archana is a Chain Smoker

At the live session one of the participants asked whether Archana smokes. In response, she told that she’s a chain smoker and revealed a packet of cigarette.

Archana had shares photos with her mother sharing smokes. It is apparent that the mother has introduced the daughter and the habit.