2016 continues to be an interesting year, particularly for films.

It is finally here, the final day of 20-16! While a few of us may observe with photos and chanting “ding-dong, the witch is dead,” some might find it proper to look back on a dramatic year in movies, particularly those coming in the indie sector. Necessarily, movie essayists and accidental videomakers, like Max Shishkin, Fernando Andrés, and Ben Zuk, have developed end-of-yr super Cuts and mash-ups of all of 20-16 pictures, thus, we selected a number of our favourites as a fitting homage to your year that people hate to see go, but love to look at leave.

It is heartening to find out filmmakers take odds with their jobs and in 20-16 continuing to push boundaries. Barry Jenkins advised a tale most worried to inform in Moon Light, the Daniels was able to sell a movie of a farting human remains, and Nicolas Winding Refn and DP Natasha Braier showed us a few of the very stunning cinematography in Neon Demon. Hopefully we will be shown by 20 17 the spirit.

What were your favourite pictures of 2016? Tell us in the comments below.

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Question. What resource does one-pull on clips like these to use in movies just like movie essays or this? Will there be a practical, moral as well as lawful way of getting film/television show clips? I value anyone who takes time to reply!

January 1, 2017 at 12:46AM