Elegant, rich, stylish and sleek are just a few of the ways that expert interior-designers describe the outstanding characteristics of walnut wood. Walnut is one of those tried-and-tested timbers that has been in use for many years. The uses of this wood may have undergone a number of changes. However, the flexible nature and deep colour of walnut has allowed this timber to complement, innovative or classic room designs and are what make walnut an interior winner.

Top Reasons To Choose Walnut Doors In Your Home:

• Flexibility

This flexible wood has the ability to match well with a variety of styles. The timber has the ability to add a striking edge to contemporary rooms or that classic touch to traditional interiors.

• Warmth

There are never any arguments that British weather would be better with warmer weather, but you can avoid that cold feeling in your home when you have walnut doors in your house. The deep color of the wood is the ideal way to warm-up a room, and this timber exudes that cozy and inviting feeling of pure luxury.

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• Style

When you use walnut for internal doors in your home, you instantly add a prominent style statement. Set this against a neutral and light background and the walnut doors will stand-out in any room.

If you are now convinced that walnut could be the perfect choice for either your internal or exterior doors or both. You may be wondering how it is possible to integrate this timber into a particular style or design. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve the look you are after for traditional or contemporary spaces.

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Walnut Internal Doors For Contemporary Rooms

There are a variety of walnut front door choices in the interior world. Today there is a host of manufacturers that carry an extensive range of the contemporarily styled walnut doors. For example, from a company such as Door Collection, you can purchase a stylish, yet subtle walnut door known as the Mistral which forms a part of their Walnut Flush range. This door features grooves that offer a 3-panel effect with a stunning varnish finish.

Optimizing Tradition With The Use Of Walnut Doors

If you are one of the traditionalists, then walnut antique furniture may be one of your favored choices. However, many homeowners today don’t have the desire or budget for this choice in the “purest design.” Today, it is more common to identify with a range of distinctive styles that border on the traditionally based design spectrum.

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If you prefer more traditional styles, walnut is one of the best timbers to create a traditional, studious and serious appeal to any of the rooms in your home. When choosing walnut doors that offer a more classic style, the design matches perfectly with the modern interiors that have either traditional or classical element to it.

If you have decided that walnut is the best option for internal or exterior doors in your home, the next step would be to choose from the extensive range of available options.