In a news conference on Saturday, an 11th accuser came forward to tell her tale of alleged misconduct from Donaldtrump. The accuser is adult film performer Jessica Drake, who — after an opening and a few nasty words about Trump’s risk to sue his accusers from her attorney Gloria Allred — asserted that Trump provided her $10,000 and use of a private-jet as a swap for coming up to his accommodation.

Drake (actual name Angela Patrice Heaslet) alleged the two met at an occasion in a golf course in Lake Tahoe ten years past — which means Trump was wed during the time of the meeting — and that she was invited as much as Trump’s chamber following a walk over the golf property. She stated because she failed to feel comfortable heading along, that she introduced two friends with her. Upon arriving, Drake alleged that Trump — clad in pyjamas — embraced them and kissed each of them without authorization. Drake stated he requested them about if any of them were in associations and what existence in the porn business was like.

“It felt to be an interview,” Drake stated.

Drake stated she received a phone from somebody on behalf of Trump requesting her to return following the three girls left, but she stated no. Subsequently she received a phone from Trump himself, inviting her to a party along with dinner. She declined. Drake subsequently asserts she was questioned by Trump how much cash she needed. Although she needed to return to La for function, but stated that was a lie was advised by her and she was just attempting to get him to abandon her alone. Drake subsequently got another telephone call and was provided $10, 000 Trump’s provide. By throwing in use of his personal airplane at the same time, Trump supposedly countered yet another time, but Drake turned him down.

Drake said that she wasn’t seeking any kind of financial damages. She just wished to stand in solidarity even in the threat of being called an opportunist or a liar.

[Screen capture via NBC Information]