8  Shows Films That Were Just Copying Better Films

Why be original when you can just jump on a bandwagon?

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Making movies is difficult. There’s so many things to be coping with, which range from ensuring catering are going to have the ability to provide a varied diet to the crew and that you have actors who will give the job the depth it requires, and also something could easily fail.

Obviously, it’s very simple to take the simple route – create a product placement deal with Dominos that sees championships delivered to the set every day and hire Nicolas Cage. The 1 area you would imagine films wouldn’t detract is at the creative department. The goal of the whole enterprise is, after all, to make something interesting for the audience.

Except too frequently an overt revolve around money takes a movie simply steals whole swathes of storyline from a much better picture. Listed below are eight such examples of movies that delivered something we’d previously seen before. These aren’t the famous areas of controversy, like The Hunger Games and Battle Royale or the Lion King and Kimba The White Lion, but blatant cases of shameless replicating.

Honourable Mention – The Full Mockbuster Genre

The Asylum

If you’re speaking about movies riding the victories of other people there has to be a shout-out into the Asylum and their conduct of ‘mockbusters’, economical direct-to-DVD knock-offs of currently-in-cinemas movies meant to trick people into shelling out thinking it’s the real thing. Transmorphers, Jack The Giant Killer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Android Cop and Atlantic Rim are a choice few that have blighted DVD shelves. Not minding the identical awareness since the studio longer shlocky outings (they’re the men behind Sharknado), there is nothing of merit here. And not that secrecy over sneaking ideas.


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