When looking for a new laptop, you might be tempted to buy a refurbished laptop. The problem is that many people do not know what refurbished laptop they should choose. You need to know the difference between a factory refurbished laptop and a custom refurbished one as well as which would be better for you to buy.

Choosing A Factory Refurbished Laptop

If you are looking at refurbished laptops, it is recommended that you consider factory refurbished ones first. These laptops are rechecked by the manufacturer for defects and other issues. If there is no fault in the laptop, the hard drive is reformatted and the operating system loaded. The laptop will be tested again to check for defects and defective parts will be replaced.

The factory refurbished laptop will then be given a new serial number which identifies it as factory refurbished. These laptops are the best refurbished ones on the market because they will often come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Choosing A Custom Refurbished Laptop

Custom refurbished laptops are often cheaper than factory refurbished ones, but do come with some risks. A custom refurbished laptop may be done to your specifications or could be completed by the retailer before you buy. The testing of these laptops will not be as rigorous as the factory testing and you need to consider this.

These laptops will generally not come with a warranty and if they were to break or stop working you will not have much come back. You also have no way of knowing the level of skill with which the laptop has been refurbished. If you are going to be looking at custom refurbished laptops then contact Giga Refurb offered cheap refurbished laptops shop because he understand what you need.