Speedfit plumbing parts have been produced in the United Kingdom for many years by plumb spares direct and are now recognised as one of, if not the most, innovative and reliable range of non-metallic plumbing components.

Copper pipe and fittings replaced lead for plumbing systems because of the obvious health benefits, but also because there was considerably less skill needed to produce a soldered joint. Plastic parts are now replacing copper in many installations, both domestic and commercial, for the same reason; the skill required to work with systems such as Speedfit is minimal. In theory, the pipe simply needs to be cut, with a burr-free finish, pushed into the joint and the collar tightened to ensure the joint is secure.

Problems only arise with Speedfit plumbing parts, or in fact with any other push-fit system, when insufficient care is used to assemble the joint. If the pipe is cut with a saw leaving a ragged end it will almost certainly damage the O-ring seal when pushed into the fitting. The joint will then leak as the O-ring is the sealing element upon which the joint relies. Ideally, a pipe cutter, designed for slicing through pipe quickly and cleanly should be used for cutting the pipe. If a saw has to be used the end of the pipe must be de-burred. Joints will also fail if the insertion depth is insufficient. The pipe must be pushed fully in to the fitting, to ensure a successful joint and then the locking collar tightened for additional security. Pipe inserts must also be used when specified to ensure a reliable joint.

The principal advantage of Speedfit plumbing parts over other similar system is not just that they can be taken apart without any tools, but they can be reassembled without replacing any components. Similar plumbing systems often need a special tool to release the joint and cannot be reassembled without trimming the pipe (leaving it too short) and replacing the grab-ring and seal. This ease of removal and refitting makes Speedfit the system of choice for many plumbers and for more details on their site Plumb Spares Direct.

At first sight Speedfit can seem an expensive choice when compared with other plastic systems or more traditional copper. The time saved when making joints and the ease with which they can be assembled in tight spaces are significant benefits which soon outweigh any cost considerations. plumbsparesdirect.com fittings plumbing parts are a useful addition to any plumbers stock of components.