My husband was looking for a way to repair our credit. I wasn’t the best with money and he wasn’t really great with it either. We had several credit cards that got harder and harder to pay over time. This made our credit terrible. It didn’t bother me that much, but to him having bad credit was a terrible thing. He was looking for ways to repair it with credit repair companies at this point.

He went online and searched for ways to fix our credit. He came across credit repair companies that do all the work for you. He was telling me all about them and explaining how they worked. I asked him what they cost and he told me. I told him he should look into them further before allowing them access to our financial information. He found more information by searching for reviews about these websites. He read client testimonials and reviews about them and how they were able to help. He found several different credit repair companies that were worth going through.

He asked me what I thought about it and I told him if it helps us it was a good idea. He said he may even be able to get a loan within the next few months for a car if he uses one of these companies to fix our credit. He looked at the prices of the different companies and decided to go with – what is a charge off that had a little bit of a lower fee than the others. They immediately took our information and started the process of repairing our credit. They have been working to get it back to normal and it’s already improving. I know my husband is happy that he chose this company and I am glad it’s getting fixed.